Her Eyes

March 26, 2010
By writerbynight BRONZE, Brunswick, Maine
writerbynight BRONZE, Brunswick, Maine
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Her eyes the color of silence
Her lips fill with a word
That all these accusations
Are simply ‘absurd’

Though her lips speak
You watch closely her eyes
For they scream the truth
That some part of her dies

When he makes her turn purple
Or yellow or blue
And he yells and screams
That she doesn’t have a clue

How much he loves her
And how little she cares
To work or to nurture
The love that could be theirs

She tells him, she loves him
And that is a fact
She doesn’t understand
Why he believes it’s an act

She shakes her head
When you say you heard
The abusive actions
That just occurred

You listen and say
And think and try
But how do you help one
Who can only deny?

Her mouth may deceive you
But her eyes they plead
For you to scream ‘never again
Will I let you bleed’

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