Scattered love

March 26, 2010
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Sometimes I wonder if you hear me.
You put me on hold like how you put me on pause in your life.
Just for hours and hours sometimes days.
Didn’t they say true love can feel anything you feel?
So do you feel my pain and tears and sorrow?
Or am I just a glass door that you run into.
You choose green paper other than me and you put a bottle of whiskey over me.
Can you feel my aloneness?
Or am I not your true love.
Maybe that’s why you walk over me
And put me in use when you’re down.
Do you blame me of wanting to be center of attention?
Is it much to ask to love me just a little more than your sweet green paper?
I call because I’m alone I thought your shoulder is what I could call home.
I desire and need and want your arms because I feel the need to call something my own.
But, obviously I’m just a bother.
I have a relationship with the never ending rings and your answer machine but hay, I can’t make you love me nor do I try.
Anyone can tell me they love me but you see its true when I feel it and all I feel is your stomps of carelessness.
I don’t want to be your world but just give me a little more love then dirt.
It’s funny I never wanted your love before but I crave for it now and when you push me away the satisfaction of blood runs through my mind.
But then I remember I’m Holy and that God loves me.
Maybe only a few love me but I want yours. But, if it’s not given what can I do but watch as you tell me you will change, you love me, I’m your world and bull shit.
You feed me lies!
Just let me loose because your “love” is killing me.
Your love is predictable and full of excuses.
If you don’t want me, let me go and stop hurting me.
I don’t want to cry myself to sleep.
You can’t say you feel the same because I throw my heart out on the table for you.
Can’t you see the pieces dragging, crawling back to you but you turn your back on love.
So I’ll just simply turn my back on you?.

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