March 26, 2010
By lmjjkg BRONZE, Waterford, Michigan
lmjjkg BRONZE, Waterford, Michigan
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I stare at my reflection,
and watch my tears run.
I cry for all the pain I feel,
and all the stuff that I've done.

I strive to be perfect,
to feel happy and complete.
But just as I'm riding high,
I always face defeat.

Nothing's ever good enough,
nothing's ever right.
Even when I work at it,
I always lose the fight.

And even when I'm doing good,
something has to go wrong.
I have to fight my own battles,
so I have to remain strong.

Somehow I get through it,
even though I may not win.
And although I may look fine,
it leaves a scar within.

I hope that one day, this'll change,
so I try to remain optimistic.
And while I dream of perfection,
I have to be realistic.

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