Only When I Breathe

March 26, 2010
By Live2Write PLATINUM, Ravensdale, Washington
Live2Write PLATINUM, Ravensdale, Washington
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Favorite Quote:
"Here's to waking up Thursday, and thinking it's Friday."
"It's Wednesday, dude."

"And we didn't think it was very cool, so... we tried to kill him."
"Dude, they're cops!"

"Great minds think alike."
"And fools seldom differ."

I should've known it wasn't going to last.
I should've let the situation alone.
Now what? I'm still here, waiting for somebody to explain what this means.
I should've known. It was too good to be true.
There are certain things I should've ignored, but I didn't.
There are certain saying that warned me, and I didn't listen.
I should've known.
I should've known.
So now I'm hurt, and I'm still here.
So now I want people to notice.
So now what? You just walked away from me,
Leaving me bleeding. I'm fine, it's nothing.
It really only hurts when I breathe.

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