In Life

April 2, 2010
In life we have to be strong
No matter what hardships we face
We have to live through the pain
All the suffering that is thrown at us
We have to learn to move on
Because when we cling to our past
We only cause more problems then we began with
When all we know is falling apart
We have to stand tall
We have to be calm
We may watch the walls of our lives crumble down
But even then we have to hold our heads high
Never letting anything break us
Heart break may be the worst pain in life
It may have caused me to cry
But I realize
That just holding on to these feeling will cause me more misery
I just have to let go
Leave it behind me
We have to catch ourselves when we fall
Because life will be hard
It will even suck
But all we have to do is live
And keep living
Never once considering stopping

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