Girl, Interrupted

April 2, 2010
By Charlotte-Heart GOLD, Cape Town, Other
Charlotte-Heart GOLD, Cape Town, Other
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Life's not about waiting for the storm to pass, it's about learning to dance in the rain...

I am just me
All I’ll ever be
The embodiment of Insignificance
But a single grain
In the Hourglass
Waiting for my time
To slip through the cracks
More of a What than a Who
More of an Anybody than a Somebody

And I’ve walked your Straight and Narrow
Far too long
To follow this downhill track you’ve got me on
But I’m too far gone
You say my wings need clipping
What’s stopping you?

My soul folds in on itself
Until it is so small
I barely remember having one at all

Drifting down in this endless Sea of Lovelessness
Devoid of all Empathy
Choking on my own Dreary Desires
I take the world with me
I can feel it in my pocket
Like a semi-precious stone
I am alone

The waves break on the shore
Washing up Broken Hearts and Broken Dreams
Fallen Stars and Fallen Angels
My insecurities
And yours

And as I’m laid to rest
On this Ocean Floor
And the Darkness closes in
I begin to unravel

I am Disappearing
i am disappearing

I am Here
Find Me

The author's comments:
Absolutely nothing to do with the movie

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