Oh, To Be Like Virginia Woolf

April 2, 2010
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What a lark! What a plunge!
To be like Dearest Adeline
Who never knew the depths of loneliness
While she had Leonard and Vanessa
And the voices of her Headache
Who never had children
Yet always had the companionship of her characters
As she nurtured them and watched them grow
And determined their eventual destinies
Yes, how fortunate to be like Virginia
How lucky to have control of your story's ending
Turning the final page by simply
Placing a stone in the pocket of your coat
And wading, no, gliding into the river
As a bride glides down the aisle to meet her groom
And then that moment of hesitation
Knowing that the crossroads was here. Now
At last, the final breath
Before dipping beneath the surface, total immersion
And for a second that contains hours,
Time stands still
And the current caught hold of you,
Embraced you,
And took you with it,
Carried you away, not unlike the way
My prayers to you are carried away with the wind
And I realise
I too must inevitably cease completely
But I understand what no one else could
You are still here somehow
Your presence lives on
In more than ink on paper
It fills my void
And if anybody could have saved me
It would have been you
I don't think two people
Could have been happier
Than we would have been
In Life;
This moment of June
And I ask myself,
What is this terror? what is this ecstasy?
What is it that fills me with extraordinary excitement?
It is Virginia

For there she was.

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