My other half

April 1, 2010
By , Truman, MN
We were together for your entire life. We played in the womb, became friends before we could talk, friends before we could lie in the crib next to each other, brothers before we had names. But your life was cut short, by the power of human choice, by human error, by human monstrosity. That which we shared our blood with ,betrayed us, hurt our host, our raiser, our first home, our mother. before we could be born. Tossed down the steps like a lifeless ragdoll. But as fate would have it you absorbed most the shock, what should have killed both only killed but one, so now I sit hear at the age of 17, wondering if life would be better if you were hear. Missing you Dearly, my One true friend. If you can read this i want you to know, Your name was to be Connor, are names were match. I miss you and see you some day Kay!

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