April 1, 2010
Disappointments are all I am
Rolled up into one
My eyes will hypnotize you
My hands will gratify you
My body will put you into a trance
While my words infest your brain
I’ll make you believe that I’m everything you’ve ever wanted
I came in through a wish you made long ago
That I’ll be by your side till the very end
That my heart was carved in gold

I will show you the world and all its beauties
And if I could we’d make love on the moon
I’ll be more than just a silly friend
I’ll fight for you through and through
To show that our love will never end

I’ll hold you in my arms
While we sleep threw the night
My breathing on your cheeks
Feel like a silent angel’s whisper
Telling you to always love me

You’ll always be my shiny light
You’ll come second only to God
And when it’s finally time to say I do
Your precise lips can’t wait to say so
We could live a life a fashion and fame
Or out in the country
Sitting on our porch
Watching the sun set every night

But back in the real world
Were wishes are lost in the wind
I’ll tell you what my parents told me:
“Don’t get my hopes up,
You’re only a disappointment.”

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