Never Free

April 1, 2010
There is no such thing as freedom;

Only the wish for it to come.
Some people think they’re free of pain,

When really it will just remain.
Thoughts, images, memories will haunt,

Always reminding of what they want.
This memory of mine I thought was gone;

I never could have been so wrong.
Always there, growing stronger,

Leaving me alone no longer.
You’re always there, in my mind;

There is no closure I can find.
I see the sun, and think of you;

The world, in your unique point of view.
I feel you in my every act—

All the perfection you had and I lacked.
This empty feeling will not leave

That you’re not here is so hard to believe.
The ache in my heart won’t cease;

I’m falling apart piece by piece.
I am only now able to see

That you will never leave me.

And I will never be free.

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