White Walled Perfection

April 1, 2010
By hpdcdancer BRONZE, Gloversville, New York
hpdcdancer BRONZE, Gloversville, New York
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Once upon a time, there lived a girl who lived in a perfect world.
No this is not a fantasy, or some fairytale with the happy ending that no one can have,
This one’s real. It’s raw and it’s true.

She was born into the real world, our world
Filled with lies, and hate, and scum,
Yet she managed to find the truth in the silence and the perfection in the darkness.

She lived in a world where anything was possible,
And none of it was make-believe,
Where she could be whoever she wanted, and everyone was who she wanted them to be.

But they locked her up in a stark white room, where coldness became more than just a feeling.
They tried to bring her back to our world, yet her mind had adapted to the realm of being

Now, close your eyes.
Let the pain fall away, let mistakes erase themselves.
Be born again into a perfect world,
Where you are who you want to be and everyone else is as perfect as you make them.
And now open your eyes,
And if you can tell me why then you shall understand,
And if all you can see is the same room as before then maybe you’re just as mad.

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