Keep Going

April 1, 2010
Growing up is tough
Not such an easy thing
Your surroundings can be pretty rough
Around you: an annoying ring

That’s why you have friends
And people who encourage you
Friends let you know the new trends
They help you get through

At school, many things you need to know
You just gotta try your best
If you don’t do well, try again, take it slow
You can ace that test!

We think we won’t prevail
We stay in a bubble
What would you do if you knew you could not fail?
You’d do more, like double

Life is full of mistakes, don’t regret
You learn from them and become a better you
Just forgive and forget
It’s the better thing to do

Try everything you want; be who you want to be
You may not do it right away
But you’ll get there, you’ll see
Keep going, keep trying every single day

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