For Those Who Judge

April 1, 2010
See the walls closing in,
Suffocating me slowly.
They want me to die.
There's no way out.
I'm forced in here.

I can't breathe in here.
There's way too much noise
And way too many people.
There's no way out of this crooked place.
I hate it here.
Why can't I get out?
It's like I'm in a cell
With no door, no window,
Not even a crack where air can seep through.

What's happened to me?
What did I do so wrong?
I'm me, that's all.
Why are all these people
Stomping all over me?
I'm just one girl, you know.
You don't have to beat me up
With your cruel words.

That was the old me,
The new one's here to stay.
I could care less of what you say.
You don't matter to me.
You may see that as mean,
But it's no less than what you expect.
I'm an apathetic monster,
I have no heart,
I'm just heartless.

The bright side of this?
What you think doesn't matter,
I could care less of your existance.
If you died, I don't think I would cry.
My heart can't care for someone
Who's as horrible as you.
So, just shut up
And never speak my name again.

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