For Joni

April 1, 2010
By , Houma, LA
On a cold, wintry night,
In the road she stood.
Tear tracks imprinted on her cheeks,
As she gazed at the car hood.

Her heart overwhelmed,
Skipped a few beats,
As she stared at the ground,
Her mother’s body at her feet.

Mind stuck in disbelief,
She gasped for her own air,
The one who brought her here,
Was no longer there.

With a crowd full of people,
Surrounding her, crying,
She felt so alone,
As if it were her who was dying.

Hundreds of phone calls,
Saying “we know how you feel”
But her, herself didn’t understand,
That this was all so real.

Not a soul alive,
Could ever take her mother’s place,
As she gazed in the coffin
At her mother’s lovely face.

But she held her head high,
And continued to beam,
Because her mom’s in a better place now,
And she’s always there in her dreams.

She got through those times,
And she held up her head strong,
She thought she couldn’t make it,
Until God came along.

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