i am poem

April 1, 2010
I am a bolder
Unyielding and prodigious
Sliced from the mountain by the wings of an epoch
Smoothed by the cadence of wind and rain
Cut by imposing glaciers moving me from place to place
I have experienced evolution
Though I am only a splinter of time

I am a flower
In a field full of me
But I alone am different
Though I look the same burgundy shade we share
I smell the same syrupy fragrance of the others
I am different because of the way I was planted
The way I was raised
Because of the way I think, learn, and feel

I am a city
Powerful and undefeatable
Though I stand no greater than the rest
My inhabitants could make a militia
Though I know some that could top it
In this large food chain some cities remain in the heavens
some have fallen to the dust
But I have yet to discover where I stand
I know I have the determination to do so

I am a thought
Quietly announcing myself to the world
This is who I am
I am

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