The Man in the Whitehouse.

April 1, 2010
By Jordan Martin BRONZE, Richmond, Virginia
Jordan Martin BRONZE, Richmond, Virginia
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There’s a man in the White House, bathing in green with a complacent smirk upon his
face. He’s surrounded by poverty, war, and loss, all of which he and his buddies could
change, but that change requires money, something they would never risk to better the
life of another. Hired to sit around and speak of nothing but lies as they’re consumed by
greed and disgust, creating the illusion of a sovereign society. The man see’s a woman
out the window. She’s with her little girl, counting her food stamps to make sure that she
has enough to get by. The woman looks toward the white house thinking, “Please
fix this country.” But what she can’t see is, the man in the white house, bathing in green,
staring straight at her, embracing his fist full of bills with a complacent smirk upon his
face, supporting decay of the country with every dollar he spends, and he won’t give it up
until the day his life ends.

The author's comments:
It's not directly toward the president, just the gov't in general.

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