You don't understand

April 1, 2010
This love that yearns,
This heart that breaks,
It beats for you alone.
It wants to show you,
Reach to you,
But you don’t understand.
You walk away,
It slowly breaks,
Piece by little piece.
It falls apart,
As you go on,
You don’t understand.
This heart I have,
It beats for you,
But we are only friends.
“Just friends.” You say,
But I want more,
Now you understand?
I guess it’s true,
Time goes on,
It stops for not a man.
It keeps on going,
As does my heart,
As I take it from your hands.
You look surprised,
I have moved on,
There is now that holds my heart
She waited for me,
As I did you,
But her heart did understand.
You look so hurt,
As I did back then,
I guess you understand.
My heart was hurt,
But not for long,
As I found the one for me.
Her heart held out,
As I made my way,
I found her company.

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poetx06 said...
May 14, 2010 at 11:34 am
I like this and It really brought me back to my poems.  I like your writing keep posting and I'll keep reading! :)
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