April 1, 2010
By Felipa Abbott BRONZE, Chester, Virginia
Felipa Abbott BRONZE, Chester, Virginia
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I have always been told I could do anything. I always wanted to go to the NFL, but I played another sport and fell in love with the game. But none of these things wouldn’t even happen if I didn’t have parents to push me. My mom would wake me up early in the morning just to go shoot 50 shots every morning. I couldn’t even brush my teeth but it helped me be a better player. My dad would want me to go to the gym with him every weekend he was off. So we would go and do some running and work on my game. Until last year I wanted to try something I wanted to sign up and play basketball. I was confident in myself to were I didn’t care about what people was saying, so I did it. So since I was playing basketball I felt like I didn’t need to practice so I stop working out with my dad. When our first game came around I was on the bench coach said that I didn’t show him a lot of good things in practice. So I was upset ready to quit, my dad pulled me to the side and said “you are not a quiter”.The next week I went to practice I was ready started back working on my game and getting better and then coach pulled me to the side and said “Felipe I want to play you this weekend and see what you can do”. So I was excited went home and told my parents I was ready to play in my first basketball game. Friday night before the game I was talking on the phone with one of my boys he said” Leap go out there and show them that you can play and you are a hard worker”. That gave me some motivation so I was ready for the game in the morning. Its game time as we walk into the gym I was ready I see the other teams playing before we had to play and I was getting hype. Later on in the game I was still in I had 6 points going into the 2nd quarter I wasn’t that happy about it. Then my coach took me out and my dad pulled me to the side “I don’t know what’s going on with you but you better get it together. So I couldn’t get mad because that’s what dads do they stay on you more than your mom. So 4 minutes left before the half coach put me back in. I was ready to go and I looked at my dad in stands he said do your thing son. So I did the open pass I stole the ball and went down the court for a lay-up and I had 8 points. I started to get the feeling of the game and so I started hitting all my shots. Toward the end of the game my team is winning by 10 points. So we go on to win the game and my coach calls out the stats after every game. “The leading score for today was Felipe with 16 points”. I was hype my first basketball game scoring 16 points my dad looked at me and said “that’s what I’m talking about son”. So there you have it never say you want to quite and give up on something because you would never know you might be good at it one day. Motivation is a big part why I wanted to play basketball my mom and dad pushed me to be the player that I am. Ever since then I have been playing basketball never drop a basketball in my life. Motivation is what you do.

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