My Very Best Friend

April 1, 2010
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Whenever I would cry you would wipe away my tears
Whenever I was scared you would run away my fears
Whenever I was lonely you would make me feel comfortable in almost every single way
You would call to check up on me almost every single day
And now you are gone and I don’t know what to do
I’ve never pictured me in a life without having you
Maybe if I was there for you like were for me then you wouldn’t be gone and you wouldn’t have to leave
I blame myself as the reason as for why you are gone
I just knew something was wrong whenever you forgo to call
Whenever I got the news that you were dead I was in shock
I wasn’t going to believe it even if it was true
I wanted to know where you had been and what had happened to you
But when it came out of your own mother’s mouth
Then I had no choice but to believe
I wanted to cry but somehow I couldn’t or is it just wouldn’t
I really don’t know but maybe its because I knew that
If I cried then you wouldn’t
Be there to wipe away my tears and whenever I was scared
You wouldn’t be there to run away my fears
And when I am lonely who will be there for me then
But I know you’re with me in spirit my very best friend
And I love you and always will form the beginning to my end

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