Six Flags

April 1, 2010
By Anonymous

Up in the air so care free and transparent, colors so faint through the sunlight you can see the colors shine through. Wondering if when they land they feel the harsh earth beneath them or if they feel the warmth of Mother Nature saturating them in the warm sunshine.
I trust them but human instinct tells my conscience to be aware that the devil can appear at anytime. Wondering, wondering, and wondering of what would happen if those scarves hit water and what they would do if no creature or soul would help them, I wonder.
As they briskly fall to the ground they either fall in a pile or fall flat, like paper in the wind. You can never know what or how the wind makes those scarves fall. I wonder.
Scarves though, delicate, transparent and trusting, you never know what your going to get with them but you must trust as they fall from the blue skies above that they won’t deceive you.

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