I stand

March 31, 2010
By , Keller, TX
If I stand here long enough you'll notice me,
Or will I notice you?

There's two switches before me and I've been flipping them for years.
Pull, pull, pull.
One pull, and I witness the aftermath,
Or do they even have an aftermath?
I pull,
and pull,
and pull
and I still don't remember which switch does what.

If I stand here long enough,

Will you switch me on?
I can't promise I won't get frustrated
Or tired
Or angry
Or sad
Or frantic
In fact, I can't promise I'll ever be anything else.

You can switch me off if you want.
My mind's free
It can wander away from you
and I,
You can rudely call me out,
and I'll gladly meet you halfway.

If I stand here long enough.

My skin will turn to stone,
but my eyes will watch,
Fiery and alive.
I'm not sure if I have a soul,
but if I do,
it won't die out waiting,
it will be fueled by the suspense
of boredom
and eventual loss of time.

If I stand here long enough,
I know I'll be okay.
Because you'll be along side me
I know I'll be okay.
Because whatever switch I flip
you'll support me.
I know I'll be okay.
Because your beliefs are stonger than mine.
I know I'll be okay,
because your hand is in mine.

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