A Love of Miracles

March 31, 2010
The sky is gray
And everything is falling away
You’re not sure what to do
There is rain pouring all over you

Your world, no longer exists
Your world, is washed away!
This is the day, that the ash is cleared away,
You have a chance, to start again
To regain your innocence
To obtain what you once dreamed of!
The old, the bad, the disgusting is gone
The new, the love of God is here
And the day is now becoming clear
You’re starting to see in a whole new way
Darkness is a thing of the past
You’re starting to see in a whole new light
You’re beginning to pick up the fight for love!

The sky is clear
He’s wiping away your tear
You now know what to do
His Love is shining down on you!

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