Only a Brother's Love

March 31, 2010
By Sarah Marchisio GOLD, Rochester, Massachusetts
Sarah Marchisio GOLD, Rochester, Massachusetts
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Blood may be thicker than water
Waters that are sailed across time after time
Time has been short for us together
Together we have promised to be forever
Forever is not the time we have on the earth in this life
Life, so short filled with the memories we create
Creating giggles never to be topped
Topped only by our smiles bigger than our local peach trees
Trees we have fallen from may be far apart
Apart is mine while yours is still unknown
Unknown is the one thing we shall always fear
Fears we have promised to overcome hand in hand
Hands of yours keeping family close in safety
Safety you are willing to risk of your own
Own soul and happiness to help others
Others trapped in a place where the unknown is peace
Peace that we have together in the place only we can call home
Home is where I’ll stay while the person I call my big brother is away
Away in a place we are unsure
Unsure when you will return, and when you will be called back
Back of yours I shall forever have
Have as you always have had mine
My tears shed are always wiped away by your protective hands
Hands only a big brother has for his little sister
Sister and brother we may not be by blood
Blood may be thicker than water but these waters are rough, and I more than ever need my true family

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