Prince Charming

March 31, 2010
By , Moorestown, NJ
Waiting for him is like a long line at Six Flags,
Emotions rising as patience falls.
But when that closing sign goes up, all hope is lost.

As years fly by I wonder about my Prince Charming,
And when he will enter my life.
I live through day by day, but he does not come.

“When will he appear?” I whisper to myself.
I feel a warm drop splash on my face,
Roll down my cheek and fall on my shirt.

Sitting outside, all by myself, I begin to weep.
Soon the sky above lets out a moan and pour out its heart.
Just like me, it has lost all hope.

Suddenly, something bright forms in the distance.
All tears washed away, I look at it.
Red, orange, yellow, green, blue, violet-
Remind me of a new beginning.

Head held high, smile across my face, I stride away.
As I’m still searching for him, he is searching for me.
And one day, I will be his rainbow, just like he is mine.

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