What is It I Really Want?

March 31, 2010
Do I know what I want?
To be in life and live a good life?
To be free from the world and live in you own little heaven?
Do I want happiness
Or am I just a dirty rock
Covered with dirt and mud
Or an I a heart
Beating and pounding every moment of life
Having it take me in and be inside of me
I want life!!!
Not fire nor rain but LIFE
to live againg
to forget about the tragic memories
to forget about the scary moments
To live life all over againg
To not be scared to leave my own room
To not be scare to face the truth
I want LIFE....Don't you
I do
Having to hide the cuts
Having to cover the blood
I want my life , I want to live it againg
I'm tired of the tragic memories I tired of it all
What do I want?
What do I really want?
I want you to come back in my life
To make everything all right
I want you to forgive me..I wasn't my fault
I want.. I want.. I want
Wow that's funny
you always said that what you want is nothing It's what you need
But this right here is important
I scared to talk to you but I want you back
You was there for me and I want You back
What is it I want?
What do I really want?
I want you to forgive me for your death....It wasn't my fault

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