Dear Life...

March 31, 2010
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Dear Life…
Sunshine had ticked the lashes of life
Giggles bubbling from her lips
Simplicity was a way of life
Wrapped in white linen, shielded from the death of innocence
Hand in hand was skipped … just life and I

Until the day I opened my eyes for the first time
Black soot penetrated my white walls of protection
There was no turning back
Crashing. Hurting. Chaos. No escape.
Droplets fell from my face. Did I lose? When did it change?
The redwoods had been cut down
I turned to Him and cried out

Mourning over my lost friend it dawned on me, I had made a new friend…
Our relationship would be different.
I must embrace with an open heart.
Heartbroken I trudge on
In search of my lost friend…
We will meet again and smile
Dancing forever… life and I

I can’t loose sight from what is at hand
Reach for the heavens.
Constantly remind myself I will laugh again
But this time the scars will remind me
To love and cherish today
Reflect and respect yesterday
And prepare for tomorrow
Only one life is given to us
Dear life, we will meet face to face…
And I will be ready

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