The Beam, His Heart

March 31, 2010
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Remember that night,
That kiss in the barn?
Your washed-out eyes
Matched that wooden beam.
You were my support,
Like the beam is the barn’s.

The connection between us,
Now full of dark knots
Just like that old wooden beam.

The passionate love we shared,
Was cut right to the ground
By some simple, little words.
That simple wooden beam
Was sawed to the ground,
By the saw in your hands.

His heart is like that block of wood,
Hard and yet way too stiff.
It cracked from all the pressure
From the people in his life.
Just about as deep as the crack,
That one on that very beam.

My heart-shaped tears fell,
Leaving stains on his shirt.
The same shape as that mark,
That water mark on that beam.

I was weathered from the break,
I looked just like that wooden beam.

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