Blind Wishes

March 31, 2010
By alyx123 BRONZE, Louisville, Kentucky
alyx123 BRONZE, Louisville, Kentucky
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For as long as I can remember
You could never see me that well.
You would always have some kind of cut or bruise

Because you would always want to do things by yourself.
Whenever you come visit us

We have to be constantly cleaning up.
so you won’t trip over something

And hurt yourself.
I remember when you decided you were going to get that surgery,

Things got a little better.
You could read the newspaper and walk to church by yourself
You actually looked me in the eyes when you were talking to me.
We thought your vision was just going to get better and better from here on out

But now,
Now you have to take eye drops a million times a day

And you keep having these mini- strokes that just make your vision worse.
You look into space when you talk to me

And the doctors say that you will be completely blind in a few months.
Yet you are so cheerful and you never complain
You are always cracking jokes
You constantly tell me I get more beautiful everyday

Even though I know you can’t really see me
If I were you, I don’t think I could be happy at all.
I just wish we could trade visions… So that you could see how beautiful the world is,

Because you don’t deserve this.
I love you papa.

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