Sleeping Dogs Don't Lie

April 7, 2010
By Alex yournamehere BRONZE, Valencia, California
Alex yournamehere BRONZE, Valencia, California
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I feel like life's a fight
-just a daily struggle-
we're living in a hostile world
-and here in the rubble-
you've gotta wonder
-can you reach-
the things that you want to
-practice what you preach-

cause I know the feeling I get when somebody confides in me
-new friend on the street-
they start pouring out their soul
-their identity-
I don't know why people are always so trusting of me
-but they're not wrong-
I'm gonna be who I need to be

Who's gonna help
who's gonna help
who's gonna pick you up now
you're lost and you're down
and now you've finally found
someone you can talk to

God gave me a gift
and people see it for free
everyone I know
just wants to talk to me
I remember what they say
and I really do care
since no one else will
I'm gonna be there

I'll save you
-here in the heat of the Summer sun-
I'll save you
-I swear I'll be the different one-
Just for you I'm here to be
exactly whatever you need
I just wanna help you
so don't worry about me

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