i remember

March 31, 2010
By Anonymous

8th Grade Year
I remember the feeling of power as we walked into school knowing we were the oldest.
Dreading the time we had to spend doing work, but cherishing the last few times we were there together.
I remember the disgusting, inedible lunches they served us everyday,
And they dreary white walls that had surrounded us for the last few years.
I remember playing four squares at recess in the middle of the road with all my friends,
Laughing so hard because none of us were good at it that we almost fell over.
I remember the gray sweatshirts that said ’09 on the back with all our names on the back,
And wearing it everywhere I went because I cherished it so much.
I remember the play we had t put on as a class,
All the hours spent memorizing lines and putting up sets just to perform before barely anybody.
I remember the bracelets we made that were meant to symbolize friendship,
And burying them by our stump so we all had a place at St. Michael.
I remember our stomp right outside front of the school,
We all used to climb on top and try to fit all five of us on all at once, the record was seven.
The most memorable moment was graduation,
I remember them calling mu name as I walked up to get my certificate,
Going to the after party with all my friends for the very last time,
And saying goodbye to some people I’ve known for over ten years as we all went our separate ways.
I remember.

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