March 31, 2010
By i_donate_my_tears BRONZE, Cedarburg, Wisconsin
i_donate_my_tears BRONZE, Cedarburg, Wisconsin
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I see the way he looks at her,
I wish it would be me.
When he looks at me all he sees is a blur,
My one and only wish is to have the body and face to be as pretty as she.

Just knowing he likes her,
Makes me wanna give up my tears;
Just let them all hit the floor,
Over and over again.

I try to give up on him,
And move on in life;
It’s just not gonna work,
I’m sorry but I just can’t move on tonight.

I look into his beautiful blue eyes,
They just sparkle like the midnight stars;
They are as blue as the skies,
On a Saturday afternoon.

He broke my heart,
Twice already.
I just can’t do this much longer,
I can’t stand up without my knees feeling like jelly.

He just doesn’t understand,
How much I care about him.
I told him what I thought of him,
He just said, “Whatever. We’re over forever.”

He just doesn’t understand how much it hurts,
To have your heart broken.
More than once,
In just one weekend.

Hopefully he will take me back,
Well at least I do dream about it.
What am I saying?
He said that we were over forever.

Why can’t I just move on?
I just can’t do it.
I just can’t be strong.
My friends say all these reactions are just ridiculous.

Sometimes I wonder…
Does he really care?
Has he ever cared?
This would be interesting to see.

He told me he loved me,
I don’t believe it;
Usually people my age fall for it,
But most of the time, I’m not one of them.

My friends know how many feelings,
I still hold in my heart;
For these two special boys,
From now back to the start.

As of last week,
He says we can still be good friends;
Its really hard right now,
Because I see him every Wednesday.

I may have fallen in his trap,
I have no idea how to get out;
Many girls have fallen in,
But I just happen to be the one who can’t get out.

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This article has 2 comments.

swimmer2323 said...
on May. 9 2010 at 9:34 am
that was amazing! how did you come up with that!

fkdasn said...
on May. 3 2010 at 5:16 pm
aly that was amazing! i love ya and those guys were stupid to give u up and its their loss.....


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