March 31, 2010
By jmess BRONZE, Bath, New York
jmess BRONZE, Bath, New York
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I can still remember the wind,
And the rain too,
I can remember the feel of sunlight,
And of the morning dew

At times I can feel the wind,
As I feel the barn gently sway,
But now my senses are clogged,
With the musty scent of hay

Once I was free,
Growing tall into the air,
Once I could see the sunlight,
Now the glimpses I get of it are rare,

They took me from my home,
The deep pine wood,
And told me what I shouldn’t do,
And what I could

Now I stand as tall as ever,
But not of my own accord,
And every year they load me with hay,
Under the guidance of an evil lord,

Someday the barn will fall,
I can’t wait for that day,
And I’ll fall with it,
And make that evil lord pay

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