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March 31, 2010

When the rain used to fall
A cascade of cool, crystal droplets
Crashed onto the soil and penetrated its depths
In which my feet were hidden in
I drank up this water
And grew stronger everyday

One morning I awoke to strange creatures
Who spoke in garbled tongues.
They had hurt my friends
By swinging their detachable arms.
Their screams echoed throughout the forest.
My turn came soon after
With every swing they sent a sharp pain
Up my spine
Which continued until I fell
Out of consciousness…

Then I found myself trapped in a strange box
With me holding the sky up.
The creatures came in every now and then
To tie their wild beasts up, so they couldn’t escape.
At first they visited very frequently
But as time passed they visited less and less
And then I was soon forgotten.
Then the first cracks appeared
And the water stains
Small at first, but they rapidly grew.

Now I sit in the corner of a room
Where soil never steps its foot
Only moved twice a year
To have the young of the devilish creatures
Point at my imperfections
And mock my memories.

The author's comments:
on a block of wood in the classroom the whole class wrote a poem on it

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