The Puzzle

March 31, 2010
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Once place of anew life
The sweetness of spring, renewal of green grass,
Fresh rain dripping off the leaves sounds of spring ringing in my ears,
A place of newborn animals held in a bright red barn.
The wonderful memories held in my mind of my home.

Now all I see is dreary rain soaking the barn that once stood,
Now falling apart, broken down useless,
Untouched for nearly a decade
Beams torn down lay in heaps of rubble.
The walls that were standing, now rotting, wasting away.
Chipped paint lay in the piles of hay.
The barn like a puzzle waiting for the pieces to be put back together

In the back of the barn lay a beam; once my favorite place to be,
Holding a wooden swing
A place to think and dream.
Now the only thing left is the broken beam.

No longer anyone to keep the place up;
It is my turn to put the puzzle back together,
One step at a time, building the barn back up.
The reminder next to me, the beam, my memory from the past,
A part of my future

Now back together; home can once again be a place of new life and love.
No longer separate pieces, no longer a puzzle.
Now a place for new memories to be built.

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