In the Rain

March 13, 2010
By Anonymous

My body feels the frigid drizzle as I look to the hazy sky
I can see the endless clouds
like a barrier
blocking my view of the sun

My eyes travel the landscape
plants of all species
open their willful leaves
extending the call
demanding water to their dry
and impossible leaves

The diligent ants
scurry along the unpaved road
back to the ant hill
their safe haven

The drizzle turns to pouring
I dance down the road further
I whirl and twirl
In an endless world of puddles

Pools of animals
worms, beetles, and frogs
come out of their grassy homes
to explore this new,
drenched territory.

The dense fog that surrounds me
makes me feel comfortable
and protected
Like no one can see me: invisible

I dance farther down the road
kicking off my shoes,
letting my feet play in the gushy, wet mud

Pulling out my stiff pony tail
I allow my damp hair to soak up any water drop daring to touch it

like a sponge
it has met its limit
and can permit no more liquid in.

Trees meet me at the edge of the road
and from then on
I walk through the branches
and twigs of the woods

Without the abiding rain drops on my head
I almost forget that it’s there

With the rain absent in the forest
I feel incomplete
so I make my escape
back into the storm

Lying down so my whole body can absorb the thick, wet, sludge beneath me

I relax and
allow all worries seep out of me
leaving me an admirable person
and worry free forever

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