March 30, 2010
By emmyree BRONZE, Prescott, Arizona
emmyree BRONZE, Prescott, Arizona
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Favorite Quote:
The only thing you need to know in life, is what makes you happy.

I thought i was happy.
I guess you still doo. .
but its time to face simple truth
were both feeding off bliss.
and gulping it down with fake happyness.
Why I cant keep living like this.
Well it should be quite obvious.

i do like the rush but you take it to far
I like to roll
but you like to roll hard.
This is not a true feeling.
The esctacy lied.
and its killing you tragicaly from the inside.

Loves a true feeling
that you should never let die.
but your leting it go for an 8 hour high

Your puting me last.
in your fried little brain.
Why i thought i mattered
was mighty insane. but whats even
worse is i put your first. and
the only thing ecstacy will put you,
in is a hurse.

I cant make you stop
Though I wish that I could.
i'd be your rehab and do you some good.
I'd stick around for when you came down
and help you get your feet back on the ground.

but you made your choice
so i have to leave
I'll miss your voice
and I'll have to grieve.
but in the end its whats best for me.
so I wont have to be put after ecstasy

The author's comments:
This poem is about my ex boyfriend and his addiction to e.

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