Lake Food

March 30, 2010
By , Louisville, KY
If I were at home,
none of the pleasures of lake food would taste this great.
Here and only here, can I:
feel the pleasure of ice cold water running down my throat.
be so excited to unwrap the square, strawberry pink starburst.
know that the only two salty things left on earth worth eating,
were salted peanuts and Fritos.
love the crunch as I take the first bite into my turkey and lettuce sandwich.
enjoy the aroma while popping the seal of the flavor blasted pringles.
ask for more chocolate chip pancakes even though my stomach is about to pop.
know that when done with my apple I can just toss right off the deck and down the hill,

which is really why I will even ate it.
scoop every last piece of corn off my plate and into my mouth,
and claim that it’s the pans at the lake that make it taste best.
and eat at least three cherry freezer pops even though I feel as cold as an ice cube with bright red lips.
Claiming, that food has a place in the world too.

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