Like A Fool

March 30, 2010
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i don’t even know why I try anymore ,
its not getting me anywhere .
never has - never will .
where is my effort going to .
other then down the drain .
& what am I crying for ,
other than the fact that we’ll never be .
i kept waiting for what ?
for you to come then leave again .
what did I hope for ?
other then for you to take me back .
& when you finally did , you left
what was the point ?
cause you let me go once again
maybe I have jealousy issues ,
or maybe the way I feel makes some sense
i gave up so much for you ,
& what do I get in return ?
a kiss & a hug goodbye .
or in your case “ see you later ”
I’ve given up
at least for the moment
cause as soon as you decide to come back
I’ll be here for you ,
like a damn fool…

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