March 30, 2010
Harsh auroras, weary and awaiting,
Awaking the lifeless, who are barren inside.

Adagio post meridians, spiteful and awaiting,
Beckoning the emotionless, while they silently suffer.

Daunting twilight, bleak and awaiting,
Singing to the idle, the lullaby that keeps them accruing.

Lonesome pillows, polar and awaiting,
Catching the raging tears which are dying fiercely.

Stiff beds, adamant and awaiting,
Catching meek bodies, breaking apart with ease.

Raw floor boards, screaming and awaiting,
Spirits who lie beneath, strong hands grabbing in chance.

Horrifying winds, yelling and awaiting,
Strings pulling you, wrapping you toward the outsides.

Swift tress, softly swaying and awaiting,
Roots embody you fully, as you become one with Earth.

All the long days, hurting and awaiting,
But, warm hands now comfort you, and you are free.

Finally free...

Farewell Awaiting.

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