A Wimp's Toy

March 30, 2010
By Anonymous

Who needs a night light?
Babies of course.
My parents gave me one today.
They say, I stay up too late worrying about things.
Who do they think I am? Some wimp?
I stay awake because when monsters come in
who’s going to fight them off?
I once stayed up all night waiting for those monsters to come.
I do not need my slumber.
It’s blue…I like blue.
But the ocean is blue..so what?
I still don’t like it.
I guess I could plug it in..
just to test it out, ya know?
I have to make sure that it works,
Because I don’t want my parents to waste money
on something that doesn’t even work.
Wow, that’s bright.
It shines through my whole room,
I can even see if there are monsters.
Boy…I’m getting tired.
I….guess…this…isn’t so…bad.

The author's comments:
I wrote this poem because my sister is getting to the age where she wants a night light in her room so she can sleep in her own bed. I was thinking that I never wanted a night light because I thought I was too good for one and they were for wimps..but I actually loved it.

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