Mother Dear

March 30, 2010
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Mother dear, remember when we made that special oath,
To always love one another,
And to always tell the truth?
Mother dear, I know I've done things wrong,
And didn't tell you till to late,
My side of the oath I know has been wobbly.
But mother dear,
Your side has been empty and you,
Mother dear haven't told me all of your side of the story.

Mother dear,
What's wrong?
Your always asleep.
But when your awake it seems like you don't know who you are.
All I see is a dark whole that is swallowing you up in your eyes.
Is that fun,
Mother dear, wherever you are?

Mother dear, today was like all those other days,
When I have to try to feed you,
But you won't take it.
Mother dear, the doctor says that if you keep up with,
This rapid weight loss,
Well to say the next hurts,
So I won't.

Mother dear, your soul seems so empty.
Is it?
Mother dear?
I sure hope not.
What happened?, Mother dear?
Why won't you talk anymore?

Mother dear, by this poem I hope not to guilty you,
Just mother dear to make you come back to your senses.
You have two other children other than me.
Mother dear, they,
Need you.

Mother dear.
Your boss called again today says if your
Coming in today.
I had no answer.
Once again.
Mother dear, he needs you

Mother dear
Your mom called today
I'm tired of saying
All those excuses.
Mother dear, she needs you.

Mother dear, you have a husband that’s has very much pain now.
Don't you know how much he loves you?
He needs you, mother dear.

So mother dear, don't you see how much we need you?
Mother dear please come back from that
Deep dark world you're in.
Because mother dear, I need you.

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ImYourPincess said...
May 3, 2010 at 7:44 pm
this poem was not intended for my own mother. it was intended for a friends. just to inform you on this.
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