Black Lace Eyes

March 30, 2010
A paper heart floats to my palm.
Delicate hearts on a string, dangling from my ceiling

Blue eyes deeper than the ocean
Ocean eyes

It means more than to just write love on her arms

Insanity attacks my veins in a rainbow of color.

Candy cane scent sticky in the air
Dancing around my room

Thinking your not afraid
If your door swings open

But humiliation lacing up your spine when your door opens wide, to revel you dancing to the beat

A school of fish in your eyes
Crimson stained cheeks when they pass you by

Fairy dust painted our walls

A Street light dancing on the boulevard

Ocean eyes is where everything hides
Black lace eyes is where everyone lies

Crimson stained cheeks when you pass them by
Cold feet, telling you not to go

Crashing waters, crashing lives
Boats on cold water

Music parading your room, like a siren. Telling everyone where you are
Fear fills me up, like a glass half full

Luminous eyes, there’s no one to save
Insanity is like a crimson stained paper heart.

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