March 30, 2010
By becc1992 BRONZE, Spokane, Washington
becc1992 BRONZE, Spokane, Washington
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You always said i was your biggest mistake
you made my heart break
growing up i didn't understand
I soon found out by the bruises left by your hand

house to house always moving
times spent sleeping out side the cold winds leaving a permanent sting
the looks of hatred inbedded in your face
you always said i was such a disgrace

you said you could not stand to look at the out come of you and my dad
always said i was unworthy and bad
Your drug days were the worst
you had a horrid temper and some days you would just burst

the days dragged on and i soon told you i was being touched
you didn't believe me and screamed Ive had enough
i cried to you mommy make him stop please believe me
you got so mad you went on a spree

Fists started flying in every direction
i knew then our mother daughter relationship was based of hate and not affection
I loved you no matter what you did
I look back now I was only a kid

CPS came and took me away
I remember it all to this day
they asked me questions about my scars and bruises
And i told them all our excuses

her name was Trixie she said it all be okay just tell me the truth
she was like a sleuth
so I told her about my life
all my hardships and the strife

They took me away
I was scared and didn't want to but i had to obey
you may think i was a mistake
but for gods sake

you did this not me
i can garentee i will not be like thee
My past is not my future my future is just beginning
the power of success is becoming addicting

I will never be a mistake
and you will never again cause me any heart ache
I am putting my life in motion
Success is my new devotion

The author's comments:
This is about my hardships from about birth to age 7.

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