The Dead Friend

March 30, 2010
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I am not afraid of you,
Unlike other people....i am not scared.
You are just like one of us.
Except you are bigger than all of us.
You are stronger and mightier than us.
But i do not care.

I shall treat you as a friend,
An Allie
When the going gets tough you are there.
But its wrong to have you here.
When there is light all around me.
You are the one who shuts it off.
Why is that?

We are not the same
But in a way...

I won't cheat you.
Or try to win you over.
is that a crime?

You are nothing but a
misunderstood fellow,
Trapped in your own world.

And when i introduce you to the world i will say;

"Hello life, i would like you to meet my friend death."

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