10 Bangles

March 30, 2010
By Alexandria Craig BRONZE, Fayetteville, Arkansas
Alexandria Craig BRONZE, Fayetteville, Arkansas
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Walking down I-95 all 10 bangles jingle down her arms 1- 2- 3- 4- 5- 6 …. She counts them like pick up sticks, her hips sway to her own music heavens sweetest song

They’ve been calling along 1 by 1 she walks through these Podunk towns, small crowds, big mouths

She’s tryna walk out of this life every sign laughs in her face, 1 by 1 a missing shoe lace, her life so misplaced

They remind her of where she went wrong, she knew as well as god did she shouldn’t have made it this far along there’s always been that 1 bright star calling her name into heavens arms

20 miles north of the latest town she walked through
She thought I want to fly like the angels do

10ft bridge, not a bird in the sky, standing on top, she screamed I want to fly but what she really said was I want to die

She fly’s right into the windshield of trucker 92; soaring is something she always wanted to do

1-2 -3 -4- 5- 6 her bangles went, look heaven angels playing pick up sticks

He never knew what hit him and now she’s lying peacefully
Head on heavens cloud

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