Pilots in Love

March 30, 2010
Fear has another face
The excitement in a passionate person’s eyes
The two faces pilots wear standing on the flight line.
Most can’t say that they have this
Every dream within the palm of their hand.
There you go taking my hand
Pulling me closer
But I’m wearing fear
And you embody excitement.
A Cessna takes off from the ground,
Lifted to a world above us all.
And I know that it must land
And return to where dreams are harder to achieve
Now you are kissing me.
I’m falling into your arms,
Dizzy in the clouds of love.
While you are sinking to earth wondering if it will last.
In a year we will be apart,

You’ll take the sky somewhere else,
Bending the beams of light that have bound us together.
Yet pilot’s never worry that those beams will break.
They trust wings to lift them off the ground.
Even when they see no force to hold them in the sky.

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