laughing inside

March 30, 2010
You say that you love my long blond hair, that my blue eyes make you daydream, that my body is to die for.
You say that you love me

What happens when we are old?
what happens when my hair is gray and gone, when my eyes begin to dull, when my skin is full of wrinkels?

Will we speak? will you look and me in discust, and realize i'm not the same woman you married?
Will you run from my lack of attraction?

Do you think we are wasting time?
I do.

I think i need a beak from life, a break from you as well.
Maybe forever.
You'll find another beauty, look into her eyes the same way you did to me. She will probably fall for it.Silly girl with a silly boy who have nothing to live for but


it's a sad life.

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