If I Controlled Love

March 30, 2010
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If I controlled love
I would still be with the guy I was with for nine months
I would spend every minute of every hour of everyday with him
I would be with him forever
Our love just like the world would have no end

If I controlled love
I would stay lost in that moment when he asked me to be his girl
My heart racing as if I was in a racecar going 100 miles per hour
My stomach feeling like butterflies moving around
Being pushed up against the brick wall with our faces 1 inch apart hoping mom didn’t come out
Gazing into each others eyes like there is no tomorrow
There would be no arguing
We would always be there for each other just like Jack and Jill rolling down that hill
We would be lovers, best friends, and life long partners
We would stay on the phone for hours telling each other that our love could make the world jealous

If I controlled love
No girl would ever be cheated on
It feels like a needle just poking you in the eye
It hurts
I would make sure that I showed him in some kind of way that I loved him everyday
I would never leave his side just like a baby can’t leave their mothers side
I would be there until the day he dies
I wouldn’t want to be with anyone else
I would ignore every other guy because I only want him

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