What Is Love's Name?

March 30, 2010
By , denver, CO
What is this really called? Is there a name for it? What is this I feel? Is it real? How can I succeed, if it's just you and me?

I heard its called love. That's what I feel. The name is Angel. The feeling is butterflies. I won't succeed that's the truth.

I know this will never leave us but I wish it would. I want it to be like the movies. Our love, our feelings, our time can change anything.
I can't help myself most times. I can't control my feelings at all. I can only control....nothing.
My life is changing, and fast. There's still time to change the change, but I don't want to change the change. Hopefully the change will help me. Not destroy me. Hopefully the change will save you and not hurt you.
It's time for goodbye. It's time for adios.It's time for me to make this toast. I can't tell you this change will help me or you. I just know this change can our feelings and we'll see the truth.

They said it was love. They said it will get you thru anything. They said it has power. They also said it was called Angel.

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