Suddenly, She Can Breathe

March 29, 2010
A cloud-filled, moon dotted sky…

Stars overwhelm the dark tonight
Stars suffocate the blackness tonight
Satan’s world is in desperation
There are so many souls at peace tonight
Rest, close your eyes, cry within the music
Every tiny grace is right tonight
As she shuts him out, and lets Him in
Suddenly she can breathe

The steady echo of rain on glass tonight
The stars are falling in the form of raindrops tonight
A deepness so beautiful
And scars finally buried on bended knee
An outstretched hand reaches towards the sky tonight
The stars lift her suffocated blackness and
Suddenly she can breathe

Star-filled air, what is breathed in tonight
Laughter helps bury the remaining bitterness
Tiny roses fall in rain
Tiny breaths of life fall on stale lungs
Tiny breaths of life make her alive
Suddenly she can breathe

The stars are seen through the fresh winter air tonight
The tiny roses fall in rain tonight
The blackness of night disappears tonight
The sparkling night sky replaces it tonight
She can breathe tonight
Suddenly she can breathe.

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